No Longer, Not Yet - BFA Design Exhibition 


In collaboration with James Blue, Madison Bickerton, Taeler Braithwaite, and Jack Laningan

The University of Texas at Austin held its annual exhibition to showcase the Capstone projects of the graduating BFA Design students in 2022. Me and four other students led the identity team, where we built the visual identity of the exhibition.

Goal: To build a visual identity that is representative of the 2022 Design Graduating class, maintaining thematic consistency and not interrupting each student’s personal project.

The theme No Longer, Not Yet delves from conversations we had as a graduating class about what this moment meant to us. We decided that this exhibition represented a liminal moment: a representation of still having a student identity, but approaching work with the mindset of a graduate to prepare us for the upcoming transition.

I thought that using a comma as the visual theme for the identity matched this idea, literally separating the title and representing the in-between moment we found ourselves in. We aimed to keep the design minimal as to not interrupt each student’s project, but recognizable and adaptable in an academic context.