Experience Re-design


Taking birth control can be a confusing and exhausting experience for many users, partly due to the design of the information that is included with these products.

One example that was personal to my own experience was the informational pamphlet that is included with the Lutera birth control pack. It is large and barely legible paperwork that left me feeling confused and intimidated.

For this project, I began to re-imagine what the experience of reading this could look like, breaking down the information in the pamphlet into different sections and translating those into a digital format.

Goal: To transform the format of instructional information into a more legible experience to empower birth control users.

The documentation included within the birth control pack has a lot of information, including instructions, disclaimers, and scientific data. This is all important information that can create a difficult situation for the user if it is missed or misinterpreted.

My Re-design

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